The Investigative Desk (De Onderzoeksredactie) and The Investigative Teaching Lab went online in March 2014 as a Dutch non-profit production house and training centre for investigative journalism.

Despite a first class performance, in June 2015 the board of DOR Foundation discontinued our co-operation. For more information about the reasons, read this document.

Based on my copyright I gained recognition of the intellectual property of the names and slogans, and of my texts about the mission, methods and general philosophy.

I am currently developing new activities, based on the mission, methodology and philosophy. I call upon highly-talented investigators, journalists and of course philanthropic institutions and individuals to join me in this effort.

Read this document about our performance until June 2015.

3 August, 2016

Marcel Metze

Postscript: DOR Foundation is developing activities under a new name.