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20 September 2019

Dutch tax authorities demand £902 million from tobacco giant BAT

The Tax Authorities in the Netherlands are claiming £902 million from London-based tobacco manufacturer British American Tobacco, for alleged tax evasion between 2003 and 2016.

By Stefan Vermeulen, The Investigative Desk

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27 March 2019

Evergreening the world’s most profitable medicine

Even after the expiration of Humira’s patent protection, pharmaceutical company AbbVie almost completely fended off biosimilar competition for this blockbuster medicine in the Netherlands. ‘Their behaviour defies any description.’

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PRESS RELEASE 23 Februari 2018

New Documents reveal:


A year ago, EU Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly criticized the European Commission for being too accessible for tobacco lobbyists, in violation of the FCTC treaty. Documents obtained by the Tobacco Investigations Desk (the Netherlands) show that the EU’s tax officials have not changed their open door policy.

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